Our Goal

Many people in Michigan struggle to pay their heat and energy bills. Cold comes fast when warmth can’t be found. emPower wants to keep you warm. We work with you to find ways to afford paying those bills. Get help with electric, natural gas, propane, wood, pellets, fuel oil, coal and other fuels through emPower.

Why We Help

Our mission is simple. We want to work with you to become more self self-sufficient. We also want to help households meet their energy needs.

Whom and How We Help

For 2017-2018, emPower helped provide direct-assistance payment for people in 12,968 households. That help went to people in all 83 counties in Michigan. There were more than $18 million payments made to 274 utility and energy companies and providers with emPower. We also enrolled 8,354 households into Consumers Energy’s Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy (CARE) Program and 1,545 into DTE Energy’s Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP) Program; both are affordable payment plans.