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Money Personality - Test Your Knowledge 2020

  • Few people are 100% savers or 100% spenders. However, most of us tend to lean toward a specific type of money personality that starts to show fairly early in life. To get a better idea of yours: Put an X next to the phrases that best describe you. Then go to the next page to see which money personality best fits you, along with its characteristics.

  • Know Thyself: Add It All Up

  • Look at the letters next to the phrases you’ve marked with an X. Total the number of As through Fs and write the result below in the slots. The letter(s) that has the highest count is your predominant money personality! Read more about it below. BTW: These are randomly assigned letters; don't read anything into them!


    THE SAVER – Mostly Letter “A” Characteristics:

    • You take pride in saving rather than spending
    • You enjoy watching your savings grow
    • You'd rather not buy something than risk paying too much for it
    • You frequently choose less over more
    • You can spend money but get more satisfaction from having money left over
    • Isn't this a great “problem” to have?

    Issues: You may find it hard to treat yourself or even spend on essentials. You may have trouble being generous with others. You could miss out on valuable opportunities and experiences.

    NOTE TO SELF: Open Up! Take some risks! Doing well means doing good for me and my community.

    THE SPENDER – Mostly Letter “B” Characteristics:

    • You don't agonize over spending money
    • You love to give gifts
    • You spend money as soon as it’s available • You have a “live for today” attitude
    • You tend to see a deal in every transaction • You know a good deal when you see it
    • Your spare cash goes to things that give
    pleasure to you and those you care about

    Issues: You may have trouble saving and controling your debt. You may put too much emphasis on status. Your self-worth could depend too much on material things.

    NOTE TO SELF: Saving and giving can feel just as good as spending.

    THE SECURITY SEEKER – Mostly Letter “C” Characteristics:

    • You like to play it safe
    • Before spending money, you need to feel
    you've explored all the options
    • You don't like to borrow or lend money
    • You spend money but get more satisfaction from adding to your savings

    Issues: You may overthink things. You may have difficulty ceasing opportunities or being spontaneous. You may become overly focused on yourself.

    NOTE TO SELF: Open Up! Take some risks! Doing well means doing good for me and my community.

    THE RISK TAKER – Mostly Letter “D” Characteristics:

    • You tend to have an all-or-nothing mentality
    • You tend to see a deal in every transaction
    • You like to negotiate
    • You think a big potential payoff makes a calculated risk worthwhile
    • You'd rather invest than save money Issues: You may need help setting limits when it comes to financial transactions. You may become impatient and gloss over risks and problems. You may end up losing money.

    NOTE TO SELF: Slow down! Take time to assess what can go wrong, before you dive in.

    THE GIVER – Mostly Letter “E” Characteristics:

    • You focus on, and enjoy, helping others
    • You feel responsible for others' well-being
    • You're generous with own time and money
    • Putting yourself first is hard to do

    Issues: You may have a hard time saying “no." You may ignore your self-interest. Wishful thinking.

    NOTE TO SELF: Take care of yourself first, then serve others.

    THE FLYER – Mostly Letter “F” Characteristics:

    • Money matters are of no interest to you
    • You are generous with your time and money
    • You like to explore, have new experiences
    • Planning ahead seems like a drag

    Issues: Lack of planning could cause problems. You may be too quick to give control over your money to others who do not act in your best interest. May end up living beyond your means.

    NOTE TO SELF: Taking good care of my money allows me to do what I want.

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