Help When You Need It Most.

emPower works with you, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and your utility and/or fuel provider(s) to find ways to help pay your heat-related energy bills while you strive to become self-sufficient.

At emPower, we want to help you meet your needs, achieve your potential and reach self-sufficiency so you can make positive changes in your life.

We are working to provide help across Michigan for 2019-2020.

We are not currently accepting applications to assist with one-time help on past-due heat and energy bills. We have also reached capacity for enrollments in affordable payment plans. However, we are accepting applications for our Self-Sufficiency Services: Please contact Michigan 211 by phone at 2-1-1 or online at to find other heat and energy assistance.

These are the steps to discover success by gaining emPower’s assistance through our Self-Sufficiency Services:

  1. Complete and be approved for Michigan Department of Health and Human ServicesState Emergency Relief (SER) assistance; apply through MI BridgesIf you have already applied for an SER since October 1, 2019, please visit emPower‘s website and complete a self-sufficiency plan. You can also call us at 231.355.5880.
  2. Choose TrueNorth Community Services as your referral partner.
  3. Get contacted by emPower to start your self-sufficiency journey.

Got questions?

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Other options

You can also find heat and energy assistance through Michigan 211 by calling 2-1-1 or visiting their website or by visiting Michigan Propane Gas Association’s website.

MI Bridges

MI Bridges connects Michigan individuals and families to a range of state and local resources, particularly Michigan Department of Health and Human Services benefit programs, to promote household stability.

You can apply for emergency energy assistance through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services either online through the MI Bridges portal at or with a completed paper application accompanied by supporting documentation and dropped off at your local MDHHS office.

Assistance is available through State Emergency Relief and the Michigan Energy Assistance Program.

The application can be submitted:

If you need technical assistance with the MI Bridges portal, call 844.799.9876.

You can print out an MDHHS Assistance Application (all 20 pages) below.

You can find MDHHS office locations near you by calling 855.275.6424.

Get more instruction on applying for benefits, managing your case and exploring resources through MI Bridges by watching the video below.

Get more information on applying for assistance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) with the Information Booklet below.