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July 2022

Airbrush Kits Makeup & Professional Makeup Airbrush Kit – Pinkiou.Com

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This is based off of a question and they’re having a little bit of trouble with their harbor freight exchange air brush airbrush kits makeup, so I am just going to switch out my harbor freight but change brush with a new one a man has been around the block, so a it’s not a bad idea for me to switch it out best airbrush makeup kit.And.There is other work going on here, so all right.Here’s my air brush, um, this hose is working just fine I don’t like the kinks in it, so I tend to warm my air hose up and straighten it out A I find it gets less tangles and knocks fewer things over I’m just so just taking off the hose, if I were replacing the hose and everything.Inside of here is a little connector that is a quarter inch connector that quarter inch connector then connects to one eight I already have that on I’m switching out this air brush which has seen some stuff.Haha.Yeah. And I’m just gonna screw this together.I’ve ever come out of here, so the way this guy works, is it draws air over top of this tube from this tube, this tube shoots out the air, the paint is in here it creates a low-pressure and high-pressure inside.And that forces the liquid out, so that ratio in between those two posts is very important that ratio right there and you can adjust that by screwing this one out or by screwing this one up.So those two adjustments are what you have the rest kind of just clicks into place, okay, so this is latex mask paint it is one third distilled water one third casting latex, one third latex house paint from home depot interior flat.And I actually have a little bit less than one third water in here because I just pour a little bit out from my home, nice before I mix because I like you a hair thicker I can always thin it with distilled water later if I need it to be a little less always shake up stuff, if you are using black lagoon supply company casting latex.That is about three times as thick as most other casting latex in that case, you’ll have to thin your latex more in order to get this consistency of paint your latex should not be any thicker than buttermilk, this is the same latex mask paint different color before I buy and I leave the store I make sure that none of these little brass tubes are broken off sometimes those can be broken off in storage or transport and just make sure none of those are broken.Zhu.Again, one third casting latex, one third to seal water one third latex house paint from home depot interior flat.Now this one happens to spray well out of the container.Let’s see how this one does.That’s what happens to spray great, my air brushes on my air compressors on seventy PS I and I don’t.I don’t have it regulated here, um I don’t have it regulated, so I think this is gonna be like seventy PS I right out of the compressor. And this is how much is coming out.Now, if I twist this so that’s a good ratio right there because that’s coming out if I put this up a little too high by twisting this one as I unscrew, it goes up.I’m not getting as much out.Go a little higher even.And I’m getting even less so that adjustment is kind of critical.For how much you get out, let’s go down lower and screw it down lower and let’s see how it does all the way down low, now it feels like it’s all the way against that bottle.It’s not coming out, it’s not coming out it’s not clogged, it’s just not adjusted, this is screwed down to low, see how close that is, it’s still pretty much too low to get much out getting some out.But not a lot, so let’s unscrew that bring it up. So now I’m rockin.If screwing this up and down doesn’t work try unscrewing this a little bit and that puts this guy closer.Shall that moves him closer.This is an older bottle of latex mask pain, it’s been sitting in this air brush bottle for a long time, um, maybe two weeks or so, so you can see it has separated I’m going to mix it up so it’ll an separate.Shake shake shake, shake it shake it like a polaroid picture.Okay, I feel like that has been shaken. And now I do something also very important.In this bottle, there are two holes alright, there is a hole right here in the plastic that allows air to be drawn into the bottle.And the air going in is what pushes out.The paint on the other side so I’m just kind of scraping away and that shows me where that little hole is and I push this pin down in that little hole.I’m gonna assume that this hole is clogged, and this one right here because it’s been sitting for two weeks so I’m gonna take this air brush, I’ll put it here and see nothing is coming out nothing at all because it holds cloth.Alright.That same pin, it’s a sewing pin it’s a little one, not a safety pin not a big t pin a little pin.Right down into that hole.Little bit of stabbing little bit of pumping action, maybe some spinning of the pin and now that should be clear to let paint come through.Two holes, a looks sad, now we have some orange happy actions.Um, also if it is sputtering on you and it’s not spraying well alright often as a clog right there like near the tip, and while holding it down, take your finger and tap that.See how much that changed the pressure and got me more flow, while it’s running you tap right in between those two with your finger.Pal Pal Pal.Allen got an average like Pal Pal Pal, yeah just like that, and then that will keep this guy spraying nicely and I’ll do it kind of midstream and not even realize it. If it’s given me a little bit of a slaughter.Now you can when you are.Done using your air brush paint.Take have buy a box of a thousand of these pins which is like five dollars and stab them into the bottle, and that is plugging that poll and when you want to use you put one into each one.And then when you’re ready to use the paint again pull those two pins out and you’re good to go, you don’t have to unlock it. Have a little bit of a slow flow, so I’m tapping.And that increased my flow.Yeah.And sometimes it’s plastic so it can get a little bit warped and if it gets skewed off to one side or the other that’s not gonna help either.